Freight management specialist Xpediator is integrating and rebranding the group’s three UK logistics division to operate as Delamode International Logistics.

The new division, which will have over 230 employees, brings together the operating businesses of Braintree-based Delamode, EMT Logistics in Beckton, London and Southampton-based Import Services.

Each business will remain in the same location with the same warehouse and logistics capabilities but will operate under the new Delamode International Logistics brand and share centralised resources, including finance, legal, human resource and administration services.

The move aims to deliver significant economies of scale and a much more simplified business model, the company said this week.

In a statement Xpediator said. “As a result of becoming a single business in the UK and centralising a number of key functions, the new company will have additional resource to strengthen key areas, specifically logistics operations and facilities, alongside customer services and account management.

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“Also, with the Group’s focus on port centric warehousing and logistics in the UK, the completion of the new purpose-built facility at Southampton’s Container Port, expected this summer, will increase Delamode International Logistics’ UK warehousing capability by 200,000sq ft.”

The integration and rebranding of the UK logistics division is part of a wider integration and re-branding project across the UK freight forwarding division which has seen Anglia Forwarding become Delamode Anglia.

The company said it is also planning to incorporate other parts of the UK freight forwarding division into the Delamode brand in the coming months.

Robert Ross, chief executive of Xpediator, said: “We share the same values and aspirations across the group and so it makes sense to operate under a single brand, so that our clients easily recognise us and can see the breadth of the services we offer.

“Unlike many integration and simplification plans, this is not about reducing employee numbers, instead it is about growth and creating a new simplified structure, removing complexity and providing sustainable solutions to our clients.”