Wren Kitchens has been recognised by the DVSA with an Earned Recognition ‘best in class’ standard, after meeting all of the vehicle maintenance standards following a full compliance audit.

The independent kitchen specialist said it had excelled at each indicator, which included a complete set of safety inspection records and driver defect reports and a 95% vehicle and trailer MOT pass rate.

The DVSA’s voluntary scheme sees hauliers regularly sharing fleet performance data in exchange for their vehicles being less likely to be stopped for roadside checks, or visited by officials on site.

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It can also save operators thousands of pounds a year. Last year, DVSA’s Earned Recognition national account manager Phil Breen told delegates at the Commercial Motor Show how drastic reductions in roadside stops and related rectification and loss-of-use costs had saved one member £8,750 over two years, whilst another larger operator in the scheme had saved £12,000 in just one year.

Lee Holmes, Wren Kitchens transport and logistics director, said: “We’re delighted to have earned this DVSA Earned Recognition reward, as we always push to ensure our vehicle standards are of the highest quality, but most importantly, our drivers and road users’ safety is at the heart of everything we do.”