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A ‘cost of business’ crisis is having a significant effect on the mental health of fleet operators and their drivers, according to research by Bridgestone and Webfleet.

Its study found 76% of operators believe work pressures are intensifying and that a similar number, 75%, think the cost of living crisis is also affecting their mental health.

It also found that excessive business and personal finance pressures are taking their toll on fleet decision makers, as well as on drivers, with 59% now considering a career change.

Almost three-quarters (74%) acknowledged that they needed to review their current systems to alleviate workforce stress.

“If commercial vehicles are the workhorses of the UK economy, drivers are their very heartbeat,” said Andrea Manenti, Bridgestone VP.

“Fleets are facing considerable cost pressures – from high inflation to rising interest rates – but their strategies for navigating this volatile landscape must be balanced with a supportive working environment.

“Positive mental wellbeing is not only intrinsic to driver safety, it is vital for strong productivity, skills retention and an organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice.”