Women employed by The Pallet Network (TPN) are paid substantially more than men on average across the organisation, thanks to the number of women in senior positions, according to TPN’s latest gender pay gap report.

One average at TPN, women earn £1.57 for every £1 that men earn when comparing median hourly pay. Additionally they earn £1.81 for every £1 that men earn when comparing median bonus pay.

The discrepancy is largely due to the high proportion of women in higher paid and managerial roles compared to the overall female cohort, TPN said this week. Several heads of department and two of TPN’s four directors are female.

Head of HR Lynn Statham said: “We still employ more men than women, because operational roles still appear to attract more male candidates.

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“However, we invest in all our staff and many female employees have benefitted from internal promotion and being upskilled from one department to another.”

She said that TPN’s network development team, which was exclusively male five years ago, is now predominantly female, adding: “We work hard to ensure that our recruitment process is completely inclusive and attractive to all potential candidates.

“The logistics industry still has work to do in terms of convincing women that the sector offers great careers, not just in the traditional ‘female’ roles, such as customer service, but also in operational positions. We want women to realise that, at TPN, gender is no barrier to success.”

TPN, which has more than 119 members and has around 130 depots, shipped 5.2m pallet in 2021.

The network, which is based at Prologis Park Midpoint in Sutton Coldfield, has two regional hubs, at Preston and Coventry.