Southampton wincanton

Wincanton has moved to a new Southampton site to increase the work it does at the city’s port.

The operator previously serviced the port from its site in Greenham Common, but said that the new one in Eling Wharf is larger and more convenient than the former, and has more convenient links to the port and the UK rail network.

Wincanton has its own rail operation, run by DB Cargo UK, which runs between Southampton and the Midlands five days a week.

The new site has space for 70 container vehicles.

Wincanton MD for industrial and transport Chris Fenton said proximity to the Port of Southampton will be a “key base” for the company to expand from in 2016.

“It allows us to be more flexible and respond more quickly to the demands of our customers, who have already seen an improved service,” he said.

He added: “The move at Southampton has also made it possible to move more freight by rail, which produces fewer carbon emissions than when the same distance is travelled using the road network.

"Sustainability is something our customers are asking for – they are looking to us to help them reduce their impact on the environment.”