Wilson James has gained Fors Champion status through development of a delivery management system that displays operators' Fors accreditation to ensure only compliant trucks are used for delivery to construction sites.

Launched in 2014, the company said the Fulcrum software is the first system to link individual vehicles back to a fleet operator.

This enables an operator's Fors accreditation to be compared to the minimum standard for the site and prevents firms that do not meet the requirement from being booked to deliver in the first instance.

Fulcrum is used in-house by Wilson James on its own sites, such as the London Construction Consolidation Centre, and is also available to third parties.

Barrie Diffin, product manager for Fulcrum at Wilson James, said: “Clients and contractors have a fundamental responsibility in reducing the impact that construction and transportation has on the local populous and infrastructure.

“Couple this with the basic necessity of getting materials and equipment delivered to site at the right time, it is no wonder that many are now turning towards delivery management systems as a means of managing risk within their programmes.”

If suppliers' fleet trucks do not meet required site standards, Fulcrum offers the ability for them to deliver directly into a Wilson James consolidation centre. Goods will travel the final leg via a Wilson James’ Fors gold-accredited fleet vehicle.

“The advantages of this approach not only reduces the congestion on the roads leading to a site, but also produces safer roads and less noise and pollution,” added Diffin.

Wilson James chairman Gary Sullivan recently spoke to MT's sister website Freightinthecity about the crippling effect a rush-hour HGV ban would have on the construction sector's productivity.