Walkers group business analyst nnick akinson

Walkers Transport has recruited a group business analyst to facilitate growth at the company.

Nick Atkinson joins the business after 12 years working on medical device supply chains. In his new role at Walkers he will manage, prepare and distribute data sets for the operator's Leeds and Manchester operations.

Atkinson said: "My aim is to help Walkers fulfil their ambitions through harnessing the power of technology to enhance the customer experience.

"In the not too distant future we will be able to visualise our performance measurements not just in the boardroom but in our warehouses and other facilities too.”

Group finance director David Bywater added: "This isn’t a typical appointment for a transport firm. However, Walkers is different and we’re at a critical growth point, therefore having Nick on board will help the entire team to fully understand our figures and business performance.

"Ultimately he’ll provide information that will enable senior management to make more informed decisions - which is key if we’re to achieve a growth in revenue and profitability.”

Earlier this year Walkers hired two newly qualified apprentices after supporting them through the qualification at its Manchester site.