Waitrose Daf

Waitrose is trialling six dual-fuel trucks with aerodynamic trailers in a bid to reduce carbon emissions and improve fuel consumption in its own-account fleet.

The operator has fitted dual-fuel systems and aerodynamic body fixtures to six of its trucks and trailers after working with Cambridge University for three years.

Waitrose central transport general manager Justin Laney said: “We're always looking at ways to improve fuel consumption and reduce our carbon emissions, and one of the ways we've looked to do that is by improving the aerodynamics on the lorries we use.

“We set out to look at the rear of the trailer, under the trailer and between the trailer and the tractor without losing food space, and remaining compatible with our loading bays and existing equipment.”

The trucks are running on a mixture of natural gas and diesel, and the engine will also power the trailer refrigeration unit.

A tapered ‘boat tail’ has also been fitted to the rear of the trailer, while the gaps between the tractor unit and the trailer have also been reduced.

A spokesman said the company will wait for the outcome of the trial before considering adding more to the fleet.