Associated Couriers Inc, a US supplier for radiopharmaceutical and healthcare logistics, has acquired Vision Logistical Solutions as part of a wider group strategy to expand into the UK.

Associated Couriers, which is part of the German group Life Logistics Global (LLG), is a courier and delivery service provider specializing in the radiopharmaceutical, life science, and e-commerce sector, and has 16 logistic hubs across the US. It was acquired by Life Logistics Global, formerly known as SLS, in 2020.

Portsmouth-based Vision Logistical Solutions provides third party logistics services focused on the delivery of healthcare products to patients at home or in care.

Founded in 1992, Vision is a third party specialist operating nine logistic depots in Luton, Kings Lynn, Warrington, Stoke, Sittingbourne, Nottingham, Greenford, Fareham and Portsmouth and has over 290,000 square feet of storage capacity.

The company, which employs more than 120 employees and generates a turnover of more than £8m a year, specialises in providing healthcare products to patients at home or in care.

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Graeme Wilson, managing director of Vision said: “We are extremely happy to join Associated Couriers and Life Logistics Global, giving us the power to drive the ongoing growth of our business and helping us in the further development of the company and its range of services.

"We are sure to benefit from the global life science competencies within LLG, as a base for our local portfolio extension, but also happily contribute our healthcare-knowledge to see it flourish in other European or the American markets.”

Matt Silverberg, CEO of Associated Couriers Inc, commented: "With the acquisition of Vision, we are adding another great market leader in a very promising healthcare logistics segment to our existing leadership portfolio, and we are adding the UK market as the 6th European country to the LLG footprint.

He added: "Over the past 12 months, we have seen an increasing global cross-fertilization of sectoral knowledge and competencies within the LLG universe - and now Vision will also contribute to boost that development. We are very happy to have them in the family.”