UPS has confirmed its introduction of a surcharge on UK customers to reflect disruption caused by the Covid-19 outbreak and rocketing demand for online goods.

A UPS spokesman told “During times of extreme volume surges, UPS occasionally implements temporary peak surcharges to ensure our network continues to operate effectively.

“The current peak surcharges reflect increasing costs created by challenging market conditions as result of the ongoing pandemic.”

The spokesman declined to specify exactly what the surcharge amount is, but he explained: “Surcharges are based on our customers’ unique package volume characteristics and help balance the volume in UPS’s network so we can provide the best possible service for all of our customers.”

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The move follows similar decisions by FedEx in the US - as well as UPS – to introduce Covid-related surcharges.

In an announcement to its US customers, UPS said shipments from China attracted a surcharge starting at $0.79 per lb.

For US origin and destination parcels, a surcharge of $0.30 per package is being applied to customers who ship more than 25,000 packages a week, rising to $31.45 for large packages and customers who ship more than 500 packages a week.

FedEx did not respond.