UPN introduce contactless SmartHUB IT systems

Pallet network UPN has launched a contactless technology platform to speed up operations across its network.

Dubbed “SmartHUB IT” the bespoke technology platform makes UPN’s operations totally contactless, which the network says is particularly significant in the current Covid-19 pandemic.

A SmartHUB IT app monitors and manages all trunks with GPS tracking of inbound and outbound journeys, as well as digital manifests, and on site guidelines.

The app also receives “call in” notifications to indicate when on-site trunks are ready to be loaded, receiving the outbound manifest directly. It then gives instructions to drivers, calling them in to be loaded and automatically logs site arrivals and site exits.

Integrated with the new app is a range of SmartHUB IT central sortation tools including an arrivals board which will display real-time expected arrivals with indications of late and early arrivals.

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“The board can also view vehicle positions on a map. Estimated times of arrival (ETAs) are calculated based on real time GPS locations and will account for traffic conditions.

A resource planning tool manages central staffing levels in line with real-time ETAs. Member depots will also have tools to book extra inbound vehicles online and to view map positions of outbound trunks in real time.

David Brown, UPN MD, said: “UPN have developed “SmartHUB IT” in response to requests from our membership for greater support and control.

“Now all inbound and outbound UPN trunks are monitored minute by minute, mile by mile, and scheduled in a timely way to ensure synergistic and speedy central sortation and pallet transhipment.

“In the same way that an airport handles flights, UPN gives member trunks “slots” to smooth flow our central sortation operation for the benefit of all of us.”