Union Unite has claimed the real impact of recent industrial action at Kuehne + Nagel Drinks Logistics (KNDL) has yet to be felt, as an indefinite ban on overtime restricts the logistics firm’s ability to recover from the 24-hour strike held on 11 September.

A spokesman for Unite told Motortransport.co.uk the strike was “very solidly supported” and that the stoppage had led to “no deliveries being made” from the depots affected. However, he added: “The real impact is going to be the continuing ban on overtime, because there is no opportunity to make up for the lost deliveries during the strike.”

Unite’s dispute with KNDL revolves around the firm’s plans to move to a drinks distribution model the union fears will lead to job losses and delivery problems. It involves holding stock at three existing large hubs in Livingstone, Wakefield and Thatcham, supported by 23 transit points across the country.

Unite has already warned it may step up its industrial action further, if its dispute with the firm is not resolved.

KNDL had not responded at the time of writing to requests to comment on the disruption caused by the strike.