Turners (Soham), has taken delivery of a New Generation DAF XF 450 FTG 6x2 tractor unit, as part of the latest phase of the manufacturer’s Europe-wide pre-production field test programme.

Turners’ New Generation DAF XF joins the firm’s fleet of 1,200 vehicles, of which 750 are DAF-branded. The new addition closely follows the recent launch of the New Generation DAF XF, XG and XG+ trucks on 9 June.

The current Turners DAF tractor fleet is made up of FTG 6x2 twin-steer and FTP lightweight mid-lift configurations, with Turners set to take delivery of their 1000th DAF FTP, making them the largest user of this model-type world-wide.

The New Generation DAF XF tractor unit for Turners is part of one of the final phases of the New Generation DAF long-term development programme that includes more than 50 field-trial trucks and 100 pre-production trucks being test driven in operators’ fleets across Europe. Before full production roll-out commences in October, extensive trialling will have resulted in the equivalent of over 20 million test kilometres.

Testing includes close vehicle monitoring, performance reporting and driver feedback from field-trials, alongside in-house testing.

Turners’ New Generation DAF XF 450 FTG 6x2 tractor is powered by the 10.8-litre PACCAR MX-11 rated at 450hp, with 2350 Nm of torque available from 900 rpm. The truck is equipped with the DAF Digital Vision System, passenger-side kerb view window and foldable passenger seat which gives it a 3-Star Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rating for operating in London.

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The truck is equipped with twin fuel-tanks (490- and 220-litres)giving a total capacity of 710 litres.

The New Generation DAF is being used on Turners’ chilled distribution operations and driven by Turners’ experienced driver Cliffe Gwilliam.

Turners operates out of 32 locations across the UK, specialising in dry freight, refrigerated, container bulk and liquid tanker transport.

Tim King, Turners (Soham) group fleet engineer, said: “We know what the DAF marque is all about. Our knowledge of the DAF 6x2 fleet tractor unit in particular is, I would argue, more complete than any other operator in Europe.”

Ron Borsboom, DAF Trucks executive director of product development, added: “Tests were performed at DAF’s own Technical Centre and in the labs but also out on the road with customers. By the time we start the production of the New Generation DAF we will have amassed the equivalent of more than 20 million kilometres worth of experience with our new trucks, which is unprecedented.

“Throughout the development process we audited ourselves according to the Automotive SPICE Level 2/3, which is the standard used for premium passenger cars. We really have pushed the boundaries in every regard.”

Full production of the New Generation DAF will commence in October with right-hand-drive trucks for the UK market being built in Britain at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire.