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Tuffnells has joined forces with Don-Bur to develop a new trailer for urban use.

The Mini Wedge is designed to operate in tight, urban areas and will enable Tuffnells to reduce its reliance on 18-tonne rigid chassis vehicles for urban deliveries.

Supplied by TIP Trailer Services, the first 9m-long single axle concept trailer has recently rolled out of the Don-Bur factory and is destined for a brief trial to ensure the new equipment fits with existing delivery and collection operations around Tuffnells’ 33 nationwide depots.

Its sloping wedge shape is tailored to allow easy access from ground level at the rear and also incorporates side access double folding doors and fold-down ladders for easy side loading and kerbside deliveries.

The side door design also allows pallets to be loaded, if needed, through the side when making customer collections.

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Its short kingpin position and set back axle also gives it greater manoeuvrability for the last mile delivery and collection sector.

The Mini Wedge can carry a 13,000kgs payload and comes fitted with safety features, such as additional lighting and specialised load restraint to cater for irregular dimension and weight (IDW) parcels and diminishing loads.

Tuffnells services director, Simon Parsons, said: “Working on this joint project with Don-Bur and TIP has been a privilege.

“We have taken a collaborative approach, combining design and engineering skills with our industry knowledge to deliver a practical, common-sense solution.

“The Mini-Wedge will be of great benefit to our customers.”