Freight transport start-up Trucksters has launched a new corridor connecting the UK to continental Europe and claimed it would reduce transport times by 50%.

The route represents the Spanish-based firm’s first outside of the EU and links Barcelona and central and northern Spain to the UK in 24 to 34 hours.

Trucksters said its AI-based relay system offered “airfreight speed at road transport prices”.

The corridor enters the UK via Eurotunnel and the company said it also handled all customs paperwork to further improve efficiency.

Gabor Balogh, Trucksters co-founder, said: “The UK corridor is key for the company and a natural extension of the corridor connecting the Spanish Levante with Benelux.

“The new corridor will allow us to unlock a whole new market and help ease the acute driver shortage crisis in the UK.

“The perception was that this route was complex due to paperwork and driver shortage. However, we are confident that our system will deliver an agile and efficient service for our clients.”