The hearing to decide whether compensation claims can go ahead against the big six European truck manufacturers for fixing the list prices of certain vehicles will be heard in June.

At an initial review meeting in December before the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), an order was issued to set aside 3 to 7 June when the tribunal will decide on the applications to bring collective claims.

Weightmans is one of the law firms seeking to act for the class representative and its client, UK Truck Claims (UKTC) filed an application at the CAT seeking appointment as the class representative on behalf of truck purchasers and lessees.

Weightmans partner Phil James said: “If the tribunal is satisfied that the application should proceed, the opt-out class claim will be authorised.

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“The substantive compensation claim will then go ahead. It is not expected that a decision will be reached on how much compensation will be available to purchasers and lessees of new trucks from MAN, IVECO, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Volvo/Renault, DAF and potentially Scania until 2020 at the earliest.”

The RHA is also seeking to act as a class representative; chief executive Richard Burnett, said: “We already have well over 7,000 truck operators registered and signed up to the RHA’s claim who, based on current fleet sizes, account for over 100,000 trucks.

"We believe the RHA as the only trade association dedicated to haulage in the UK is best placed to lead the claim for compensation against the EU Truck Cartel on behalf of the UK haulage industry and we are ready to take on this important role.”

The tribunal has indicated that both the RHA and the UKTC schemes could in theory be approved.

It is also possible that both schemes fail to win approval.

A third group action, headed up by law firm Edwin Coe, has also been registered but litigation lawyer Zahira Hussain told MT it had not yet served proceedings.

“In addition, we have issued proceedings in the High Court with a view that proceedings will be transferred to the tribunal in due course, but at the moment that hasn’t taken place,” she said.

“We are just working on the particulars of the claims and finalising them. We are also keen to see how things progress with the other two claimants.”