UPS George Willis and Patrick McLoughlin

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin MP has opened a biomethane refuelling station at UPS’s Tamworth hub.

The station will supply fuel to the parcel carrier’s 20 dual fuel trucks, which run on a mixture of biomethane and diesel.

The vehicles are used for overnight trunking and UPS claims it has seen a 40% reduction in carbon emissions compared to its other vehicles. It first introduced biomethane vehicles into its UK fleet for the London 2012 Games.

Peter Harris, director of sustainability, UPS Europe said:  “We have championed biomethane’s suitability as an alternative fuel for several years now, especially for heavy goods vehicles where few if any other fuels have the same potential. It’s great to have this opportunity to illustrate to government the benefits biomethane can bring.”

Patrick McLoughlin, pictured right with UPS UK, Ireland and Nordics MD George Willis, said: "We are keen to see more use of biogas, which is why we have extended tax incentives on all gas transport fuels. This will provide more support for those considering investing in these technologies.”

UPS has also opened a 90,000ft² depot in Southampton, which as the capacity to sort 7,500 parcels per hour- nearly double the capacity of the two sites in Southampton and Eastleigh that it replaces. The firm will run 150 trucks out of the site.

Willis said: “UPS’s investment in the Southampton facility is reflective of the strength of our growing logistics network in the UK. It also demonstrates our long-term commitment to helping customers of all sizes connect to markets all over the world, while boosting local jobs and the local economy.”