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Transfreight Automotive Logistics Europe (TALE) has entered liquidation after Yusen Logistics acquired the business and hived up its operational activities.

TALE was bought by Yusen in 2017 as part of a strategy of continued growth.

At the time, the company said the acquisition would “enhance Yusen’s existing automotive network capability by adding key network consolidation points in Western Europe, as well as multi-modal possibilities running between Northern and Southern Europe.”

It added that in particular, the purchase boosted its footprint in Northern France, where many automotive tier one suppliers and OEMs are located.

TALE’s main customers were Toyota and Bombardier and it had branches in Finland and Austria.

In the UK, it held a standard international licence for 90 HGVs and 200 trailers and operated out of a base in Burnaston, Derby.

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The operational activities of TALE in the UK and Finland were hived up into Yusen Logistics (UK) in April 2017 and it said the change enabled “a more integrated approach to the services provided by both the company and Yusen Logistics (UK) to our mutual customer Toyota".

Commented Yusen Logistics managing director, Andy Fitt: "Yusen Logistics acquired Transfreight Automotive Logistics Europe (TALE) in 2017 as part of our continuing strategy for growth.  At the time of the acquisition, TALE had branches in Finland and Austria and post-acquisition all operational activities have been fully absorbed within Yusen Logistics operations which has enhanced our existing automotive network capabilities between northern and southern Europe and particularly in Northern France.

"The voluntary liquidation of TALE as a business entity is a structural formality as all operational activities have been successfully transitioned into the Yusen Logistics business and is in no way connected to Brexit."

A KPMG spokeswoman said: “Transfreight Automotive Logistics Europe was placed in to members’ voluntary liquidation on 12 July 2019 and notices were published in the London Gazette on 24 July 2019.”