Trailer Freight International (2)

Walsall-based Trailer Freight International (TFI) has joined the Pallet-Track network as part of wider plans to accelerate its growth in the UK market.

TFI, which was sold to Northern Ireland-based logistics firm Express Distribution Services in 2015, has 20,000 sq ft of warehouse space and an international freight forwarding division. It’s mainland headquarters are just six miles from Pallet-Track’s central hub in Wolverhampton.

The haulage firm, which is the seventh company to join the network this year, will cover part of the WS postcode area for Pallet-Track.

Allan Collins, business development manager at TFI, said: “We’ve been looking to grow our business in the UK market since TFI was brought by our parent company EDS and that’s exactly what joining Pallet-Track will help us do.

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“Pallet-Track is a proven entity with excellent credentials. It’s a big, successful company with impressive growth and not every transport company gets the opportunity to join, so we’re really pleased to be a part of it.

“We look forward to moving forward positively together. We’re hoping this new partnership will help us set up a mirror image of our operation in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.”

Caroline Green, chief executive of Pallet-Track, said: “We’re delighted to welcome our near neighbours Trailer Freight International to the network. It’s a company which comes with an excellent track record and clear vision for growth.

“The last 18 months has provided a unique set of challenges for us and the logistics industry as a whole, so recruiting the right members is ever-more vital for the network’s continued success.”