Jamie Robinson Cartwright's Head of Engineering_

The new head of engineering at Cartwright started out with the company 12 years ago as 19-year-old trainee.

Robinson joined Cartwright's fabrications department at a time when it was growing fast to nearly 90 people years as the company expanded and and he was appointed engineering contracts manager.

Robinson now works alongside the head of engineering compliance and product development, looking after all the customer contracts for a full range of products and managing Cartwright's team of engineers.

“We take over from product development and look at new products from start to finish – how easy they will be to engineer, how they will be built operationally for the customer, review any customer issues, whilst considering the carbon footprint," said Robinson. "Our aim is to create a full package for the customer.”

Reflecting on his rapid rise up the managerial ladder and why he likes working for Cartwright, he added: “For me it’s the passion within the company. The Cartwright family’s passion to strive for excellence in all products that go out to market. That’s the fundamental reason why I have developed my career with the company.”