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The Pallet Network (TPN) has invested in the training tool HebeData, which it is now populating with bespoke content for its onsite trainers.

The e-learning platform was built to create, deliver, manage and track training and it allows companies like TPN to develop their own modules, videos and tests so that it is tailored to their operation.

Lynn Statham, TPN head of HR, said generic courses were only of limited use because its pallet network environment was not generic: “The HebeData learning platform will enable us to teach our teams using the in-house terminology and with reference to our specific standards and protocols,” she said.

HebeData also allows team members to learn remotely and Statham added: “Obviously many of our staff have jobs that can only be performed on site, but it is important to build whatever flexibility we can into roles.

“2020 taught us all that a flexible and diverse approach to work is an operational benefit, as well as beneficial for team members.”