Tevva Battery Electric Truck - Diagonal view, full vehicle, day 2

Tevva has become the first company to mass produce hydrogen electric trucks in the UK with the launch of its 7.5-tonne vehicle.

The Tilbury-based firm unveiled its new zero-emission model, alongside its latest full-battery electric HGV, at last week's Road Transport Expo in Warwickshire.

Tevva said the vehicle will work for the “overwhelming majority” of haulage operators and has a range of 310 miles (500km) with the hydrogen tanks able to be refilled in 10 minutes.

The fuel cell system tops up the battery, extending the vehicle’s range and allowing the truck to carry heavier loads over longer distances.

Tevva said its 7.5-tonne truck met – and exceeded – duty cycles for almost all urban and extra-urban use cases.

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Asher Bennet, Tevva chief executive, said: “We firmly believe that the post-fossil fuel future, which is quickly approaching, will see a new range of technologies and fuels take centre stage in the transport industry.

“By embracing hydrogen, we are futureproofing ourselves, our clients and the industries and communities they operate in.

“We also pride ourselves on the fact that our vehicles are safe, reliable and go the distance,” he added.

Zoe Hall, head of competitions and projects at the Advanced Propulsion Centre, said: “I am very proud that the technology we have supported through our collaborative research and development programme is now being put to real-world use.

“The launch of this truck, with its hydrogen fuel cell range extender, is an exciting outcome of the APC-funded project to completely eliminate CO2 at the tailpipe and lower the total cost of ownership compared to existing diesel vehicles.

“This smart zero-emission vehicle, with rare earth metal free electric motors, has the potential to make heavy goods transport sustainable.”