Tarmac OneCard

Tarmac is rolling out a new smartcard for its HGV drivers, which it claims will make it easier for them to move between it’s 400-plus sites.

Developed by tech company Reference Point, the cloud-based smartcard system, dubbed OneCard, provides each driver with a personalised card that contains the drivers’ credentials, competencies and qualifications.

The smartcard, which has a unique identifier to prevent fraud, can be checked using smartphone technology, making for quicker site safety checks.

Sean McGrae, Tarmac senior national transport manager, said: “By using the OneCard technology, we’re setting a new standard with instant mobile access to drivers’ training, enabling quick access to our sites for materials collection.

“The technology is helping us to tailor our driver training programmes as well as improve the efficiency of our supply logistics, making it simpler for drivers to move between Tarmac’s nationwide network of over 400 sites.”

One core competency required by Tarmac is am MPQC (previously EPIC) card, awarded when a driver undertakes a day of relevant skills training. "This is required every five years and Tarmac has set this as a mandatory competence as part of the OneCard system.

"Any competence shortly due to expire is highlighted in advance to the driver and Tarmac by the new system– and any expired competencies are flagged immediately when OneCard is swiped or checked, meaning the driver would be refused entry to a Tarmac site," said a Tarmac spokesman.

Following a pilot, more than 1,000 drivers have now been issued with a smartcard.