Fleet safety specialist Surecam has teamed up with Optimize to provide an integrated solution, enhancing driver safety and route compliance. The collaboration is also expected to reduce costs, increase productivity, and cut emissions for fleets adopting the technology.

Optimize is the UK’s leading pay-as-you-go optimisation provider, helping organisations to be more efficient using an award-winning web-based platform called My Transport Planner powered by artificial intelligence algorithms and proven to generate savings up of to 30%.

Chief executive of Optimize, Colin Ferguson explained: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Surecam, which not only enhances the value proposition we can offer to our clients, but our partnership also delivers a best in class solution to the transport and logistics sector.”

Surecam specialises in affordable, best-in-class technology to provide real-time visibility in what’s happening on the road with live fleet tracking and video footage. Delivering the world’s easiest and most useful tracking and video platform, they provide an intuitive onboarding experience, maximising safety on the roads. Surecam offer dash cams and a GPS fleet tracking solution which reduces claims costs and boots fleet productivity.

Sam Footer, partnership director at SureCam added: “SureCam is delighted to partner with Optimize. Their award-winning products and services are a great fit for many of our fleet customers. Decarbonisation and utilising systems that help a fleet in reducing their carbon footprint is extremely important, and something that SureCam are very passionate about.”

The collaboration will also deliver supporting technology including driver apps, a customer communications module and emissions reporting in addition to machine learning, which consumes data from the field and uses it to improve the route compliance and driver safety as part of a continuous improvement program.