Lancashire-based Solomon Commercials has opened its seventh new factory to enhance existing capacity levels and meet rising demand in production.

The 35,000sq ft facility, which is now fully operational, will be based in Darwen and focus on manufacturing delivery vehicles operating in the online shopping sector.

The move means the firm has over 240,000sq ft of production facilities producing more than 3,500 vehicles each year. The new factory will be staffed by an 80-strong workforce, with Scott Atheis as factory manager.

Commented Anthony Clegg, sales director at Solomon Commercials: “Overall, the e-commerce sector has been growing each year, but more and more businesses are now looking to operate online.

“The pandemic has also acted as a catalyst for businesses to pivot their operations and look at a direct to consumer model. It’s prompted a surge in demand, which will probably become the norm as more businesses become comfortable operating a dot.com business.

“We’ll now be able to manufacture up to 1,500 vehicles through this one facility alone and we expect this to increase year on year as businesses are looking to operate highly efficient urban vehicles. Our new facility will help us to comfortably answer current and future levels of demand from the industry.”