Palletline celebrates record volumes

Palletline said it delivered a record-breaking five million pallets last year, after volumes increased by 17.6% to 20,000 pallets per day.

The freight network operator said growth was fuelled by recovery in the manufacturing sector, as well as an increase in B2C and its relationship with Amazon.

Palletline is the only UK pallet network in the retailer giant’s inbound preferred carrier programme, which saw a 52% increase between 2019-2021.

It added that growth increased by a further 2.8% following the launch of its micro pallet delivery service.

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Graham Leitch, Palletline group MD, said: “It has been both an exciting and challenging year during which we have enjoyed healthy sustainable growth, laying strong foundations for the future.

“By diversifying and improving the business we have not only continued to deliver a strong service offering but have achieved this amazing milestone of delivering five million pallets in 2021.

He added: “Showing consistent buoyancy throughout the year, the palletised freight market still remains highly competitive and unlike the previous period, market volumes have significantly increased.

“We have seen this trend continue into 2021/2022 which has led to the completion of a 10-year capacity planning exercise, ensuring our current multi-hub model is fit for purpose in the longer term.”