Smiths & Sons (Bletchington) is now fitting Brigade safety systems as a part of its standard specification for all new tippers.

Smiths & Sons has specified Brigade’s Backeye 360 sidescan system and mobile digital recording device for new tippers joining its 35-strong fleet.

Already four have joined the mixed fleet with the new specification, with another four tippers featuring the Brigade equipment due in the coming weeks.

Paul Needle, transport manager at the firm, said: “In the past we have been actively involved in vehicle safety days around Oxford and we were also involved in the launch of the Mineral Product Association's cycle safety scheme.

“Smiths are very proactive when it comes to vulnerable road user safety and having trialled various vehicle camera systems; we were the first tipper operator to fit the Backeye 360 system.”

Needle said the firm had first trialled the camera system back in 2011, and with nine of its fleet now featuring the system along with sidescan and recording equipment, it had decided to make its latest commitment to safety.

He added that compared with previous split-screen camera systems the firm has tried “drivers like it as everything is on one screen”, helping address the issue of driver overload.

Backeye 360 is a camera system that provides the driver with an all-round view of the vehicle in a single image on a cab-monitor, stitching together an image from four camera feeds from around the truck.