shutterstock severn crossing

The Severn Crossing tolls will be reduced next year ahead of being scrapped entirely, the government has confirmed.

Highways England will gain ownership of the crossing on 8 January 2018, at which point the tolls will cease to include VAT.

This means that the current £20 cost for an HGV to cross will be lowered to £16.70, and light goods vehicles will pay £11.20 instead of £13.40.

The report from DfT on the reduced toll prices added that in addition to the VAT reduction, there will be no inflation in price, as there has been in previous years.

DfT remains committed to abolishing the tolls entirely by the end of 2018.

In July it announced the tolls would be scrapped entirely, and the move was celebrated by businesses who have long seen the cost as an unfair tax on their operation.

Ian Gallagher, the FTA's head of policy for the South West and Wales, said: “This announcement is excellent news for the growth of the Welsh and South West Economies, a real shot in the arm for those businesses and commuters who use the bridges on a daily basis.”