Senior decision makers in the UK logistics industry are backing Brexit on 23 June, according to an online poll conducted on .

At the time of writing, 624 readers had responded to our poll on voting intentions on the EU referendum.

More than half (54%) or 336 said they would be voting to leave the EU, compared with 262 who intend to vote to stay in (42%). Just 4% of readers said they were undecided.

In response to ‘Do you believe EU membership is good for the UK road transport industry?’ 242 people (39%) responded yes, while 338 (54%) thought not, and the remainder were undecided.

Asked if EU membership had benefitted their business, 87 respondents (14%) were undecided. Approaching half (46%) of respondents (291 people) said it had not, while 246 (40%) thought EU membership had helped their business.

Responding to the poll, Andrew Baxter, a Leave supporter and MD of Europa Worldwide Group, said that the EU’s bid to create a super state would ultimately fail. He said it would need to be dismantled, and this would be a disaster for Europe’s economy.

“We should step back from it to protect ourselves, yes, but also to make the case as to why what the EU is attempting is wrong.

“The UK leaving has the potential to change the direction Europe is heading,” he said.

However, it came as recruiter Nova Contracting said that with logistics experiencing a skills shortage and being dependent on 144,000 European Economic Area-born workers (according to the Social Market Foundation), it could not afford restrictions.

Marcus Green, director at Nova Contracting, said: “The increasing shortage of temporary drivers is not going to go away and qualified commercial drivers come from the continent as well as the UK. The transport and logistics sector does not need any deterrents for this vital workforce.

“Recruitment agencies are facing unprecedented demand for commercial drivers to feed the UK’s increasing appetite for online shopping and home deliveries.”