Stobart Scania

Eddie Stobart and AW Jenkinson Forest Products will add 1,500 Euro-6 Scanias to their fleets as part of a renewed joint procurement agreement.

Orders will be placed throughout 2014 and 2015, including an initial order for 150 vehicles, in what the manufacturer described as its biggest Euro-6 order to date.

The first order consists of 410hp G-series 4x2 trucks fitted with sleeper cabs for Eddie Stobart, 450hp R-series 6x2 tractors with Highline cabs for AW Jenkinson, and 450hp R-series 8x2 6 drawbar rigids with sleeper cabs for specialist operations at Stobart’s rail division.

William Stobart, chief operating officer at Stobart Group, said: “Our decision to continue taking Scania vehicles is based on their proven record within the Eddie Stobart and AW Jenkinson fleets so far, so we saw no reason but to continue this relationship as we enter into the Euro-6 production, with the new deal giving us a lot of flexibility going forward.”

Scania (Great Britain) MD Claes Jacobsson said: “Since signing the first such order four years ago, our UK sales and service teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have continued to meet the expectations and demands of these two important operators.”

The deal was made on 9 January, when William Stobart visited Scania’s Sweden HQ, and represents Eddie Stobart and AW Jenkinson’s third joint procurement agreement, the first of which was signed in 2010.