Scania factory

The free workshop will include a visit to the Scania production line

An interactive workshop being hosted by Scania and the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden will explore how digital technologies will shape the future of work. It is being led by Fresh Thinking Labs – which describes itself as a UK-based international open source movement for workplace innovation, combining state of the art online interactions with in person opportunities for knowledge sharing with other companies and leading practitioners.

The event includes a visit to Scania’s Smart Factory Lab which is developing ideas for virtual and augmented reality, human robot collaboration and advanced analytics that will increase Scania’s productivity as well as improve product quality and worker health.

In addition there will be the opportunity to discuss leading thinking and practice with key Swedish researchers on how companies are working together to rethink quality management in the digital era.

Peter Totterdill, a director of Fresh Thinking Labs, said: “This is a rare opportunity of gaining insight to one of the leading industrial innovators in Europe. Scania has fully embraced the idea that doing nothing is not an option for developing the business, improving productivity and enhancing its employees’ well-being.

“The company also works closely with the Royal Institute of Technology where recent projects have included the testing of wearable technologies to help individual workers enhance their techniques and minimise MSD risks, and to improve both job and workplace design.”

The interactive two-day workshop takes place in Södertälje on 14 and 15 November.

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