Companies in transport and logistics can track their entire carbon footprint after consultants SCALA expanded its service.

Following a tie-in with Compare your Footprint, SCALA is offering firms the opportunity to measure and benchmark their emissions profile across their entire supply chain network, including Scope 3 emissions – indirect emissions generated through sources a business does not own or control.

SCALA said its research showed that despite Scope 3 emissions often being more significant than Scope 1 or 2, many businesses do not take these into account, meaning they are unlikely to have an accurate measure of their carbon footprint.

John Perry, SCALA MD, said: “While improving their carbon footprint often sits highly on the agenda for businesses, we found that relatively few well-meaning businesses actually have the information they need to be able to drive the sustainable improvements they – and our planet – needs.

“Indirect emissions across supply chains are all-too-rarely measured for, despite their significant impact on an organisation’s carbon footprint, due to a perception that they are too difficult or too far removed from day-to-day operations to be measured.”