Sainsbury’s has said its supply chain in the capital is almost fully operational again, after a fire at its Charlton DC last week.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s told MT that the fire, which damaged six trucks and a part of the centre itself, did have“some impact” on deliveries to stores across London.

The spokesman said: “We worked hard to minimise disruption to make sure we kept availability as strong as possible for our customers.  Most stores are back up to full capacity.”

Nobody was hurt in the fire, which saw 200 members of staff evacuated from the building, but five people were treated for smoke inhalation damage.

Last week, London Fire Brigade station manager Bruce Grain said: "During its early stages this was a very intense fire.

"Crews wearing breathing apparatus attacked it extremely quickly and thanks to their efforts the fire was prevented from spreading any further into the warehouse and causing even more damage.

Photo courtesy of the London Fire Brigade