Effective planning, routeing and scheduling using the right technology is the key to unlocking the out-of-hours delivery window, according to Route Monkey.

The Scottish company will be exhibiting its software at the first Quiet Cities global summit, focused on enabling quieter deliveries of freight in urban environments. It will also be bringing a BMW i3 to show how electric vehicles enable noise reduction for out-of-hours deliveries.

Robin Haycock, non-executive director, responsible for the development of sustainable solutions at Route Monkey, said: “Planning and scheduling deliveries at the optimal time to maximise efficiency and productivity is essential to make any Quiet Cities proposition cost effective and profitable for fleets and other stakeholders.

“We recognise behavioural change is required and confidence is crucial if fleets are to invest in new assets and infrastructure, he added.

Route Monkey, which will be exhibiting in Shakespeare 2 in Twickenham Stadium at Quiet Cities on 25 and 26 November, will be on hand to discuss with delegates how quiet vehicles can play their role in courier deliveries, service engineers, inspection services and other tasks including ‘final mile’ deliveries while using technology to maximise efficiency.


For further information contact Emma quoting “Quiet Cities” on 07767 099858.