Industry leaders remain divided on whether the UK should remain in the EU, just over a month before the referendum on 23 June.

Pall-Ex founder Hilary Devey told “Britain is stronger in Europe, it’s as simple as that. Britain would be a net loser if we left Europe, with severe damage to jobs, trade and investment.

As things stand, as part of the EU, British businesses get a 10 to one return on our investment – why tamper with that?”

Palletforce CEO Michael Conroy said leaving would be a retrograde step: “We believe that remaining part of the EU will help to expedite our business growth in the UK and abroad.

"In practical terms, EU membership means ease of movement of freight, through simplified borders and standardised rules of trade. Stripping away these benefits and replacing them with costly red tape would affect our operation.”

However, Europa Worldwide MD Andrew Baxter said that it would be too risky for the UK to remain in the EU. “I love Europe. But it is because of the drive to protect the people in Europe that I will be voting to leave on 23 June. The EU gives the impression of a democracy without giving any power to the people.

"There is growing discontent in the EU. This tension will build and build, until eventually it breaks. Britain should stand up to what they are doing and say “Stop. Think again”,” he said.

The divide was reflected at the Microlise Transport Conference in Coventry last week, when delegates voted to leave in a poll, despite believing it would be harmful to the industry.

When approximately 1,000 attendees were asked how they planned to vote in next month’s referendum, 43.7% said they were voting to leave, against 40.7% who wanted to stay and 15.7% who were undecided.