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Rivus Fleet Solutions has signed a five-year fleet management and maintenance deal with construction firm Kier which sees it take over the construction firm’s 7,000 vehicle fleet operation.

The new partnership sees Rivus Fleet Solutions, previously BT Fleet, provide service, maintenance & repair (SMR) services, accident management, and vehicle procurement through funding and rental options across the operational fleet including HGVs.

The contract, which boosts Rivus’ fleet size to 85,000 assets will see Rivus source and supply leased vehicles with a maintenance model provided through its garage network and 50 mobile technicians.

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Cheryl Feely-Jones, Rivus’ customer operations director said: “We are delighted to be working with Kier under our new Rivus Fleet Solutions branding. This exciting outsource opportunity allows us to really showcase everything that Rivus has to offer from leasing, maintenance, accident management, through to full fleet management and support for drivers and business areas.

“We really look forward to the next five years and developing the partnership which has been flourishing with Kier as we phased in some early services this year.”

Kier’s group head of fleet, Julie Madoui, said: “Working in partnership with Rivus will give us better control of costs across our business units, more efficient processes, improved access to innovation and better visibility of our fleet data.

“Ultimately, we will get a better value service for Kier as a whole."