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The most fuel-efficient electric van is the Iveco Daily Electric, according to new research.

The analysis by also found that the Mercedes-Benz Citan is one of the cheapest fuel-efficient vans on the market, with the price comparison website claiming it costs as little as £15,000 to buy brand new.

At the other end of the efficiency spectrum, the Fiat Fiorino was found to be the least fuel efficient of all the vans analysed, with the petrol-fuelled vehicle travelling just 423 miles on a full tank.

The Citan took the top spot for fuel efficiency, with the diesel model reaching 831 miles on a full tank and travelling 123 miles more than the VW Transporter, which managed 708 miles.

Similarly, the Citan also topped the list for petrol models, with a range of 611 miles.

This was followed by the Ford Transit Connect and then the VW Caddy. said standard prices for EVs tended to put buyers off, but that the Daily can drive up to 174 miles on a full eight-hour charge and has a payload of up to 1,652kg.

However, it said buying one new would set drivers back an eye-watering £100,000.

It was also found to be the most expensive model to charge, with owners expected to shell out an average of £12.70 over eight hours.

Daniel McCulloch, van insurance expert at, said: “With so many choices of vans on the market, knowing the best for your needs can make making a decision confusing and overwhelming.

“For those conscious of the running costs, fuel efficiency is a key consideration to avoid forking out hundreds per year extra on petrol or diesel.”