Renault Trucks has launched its long-awaited Euro-6 range of trucks at a glitzy two-day event in Lyon in front of almost 10,000 staff, operators, dealers and press.

The decision to completely replace its entire range from 10t to 44t at once is risky, but the firm and its parent Volvo are confident that the seven year, €2bn design process has produced a truck that will capture market share from key rivals such as Daf and MAN.

Renault says it took feedback from 50 key customers – including UK operators steel haulier A Hingley and Palletways member Nigel Rice – into account during the development of the new range, and as a result has delivered a robust, reliable and fuel efficient vehicle.

A Hingley Transport ran a pre-production 530hp Euro-6 tractor unit operating at 44 tonnes for 12 months as part of Renault’s 10 million kilometre  test programme. It covered over 100,000 miles with no mechanical problems, averaging 9.3mpg.  “It performed well," said Ray Hingley senior, one of the firm’s founders. "It was checked over every month and it proved to be a good motor."

The new range is divided in T – long haul; D – distribution; K – heavy duty off-road; and C - construction. For UK operators, the revamped line up means the will be a Renault truck better suited to their needs. Nigel Butler, commercial director at Renault Trucks UK, said: “We have been selling Premium – a regional truck – and Magnum – an international truck - to national operators. Now we have a truck designed for all three markets.” As a result, Renault expects to boost annual sales in the UK from 15,000 to between 18,000 and 20,000 units.

As well as being a 5% more fuel efficient than the outgoing range, extensive use of lightweight materials mean the Euro-6 Renaults carries no weight penalty and are promised to cost no more to maintain.

  • Full details of the new Renault range will be in Commercial Motor’s 20 June issue and for an exclusive interview with Olof Persson, chief executive of Renault parent Volvo Group, go to Knowledge Bank.