Skills for Logistics MD David Coombes writes that while there is a huge push at the age of 16-18 on what they are going to do after they complete their time at school/college, a lot of people are not aware that apprenticeships are for people of all ages.

Most people decide to go to university as they are unsure of what to do career wise and they are able to compete for jobs.

Today far more people have degrees and it is now seen as the ‘norm,’ this means competition for jobs is higher and some people could even be seen as over qualified, as not all jobs need a degree.

A lot of students are not aware that apprenticeships are for all ages, nor are they aware of the benefits and what apprenticeships are on offer to them. There are many reasons to choose an apprenticeship rather than university.

  1. You get on-the-job training from a company that wants to employ you for a long term position. When you are just about to complete your degree at university you have to start your job search and go through all the recruitment processes which can be very intense and time consuming.
  2. You get the opportunity to earn while you learn. A degree level apprentice could be earning the same, if not more than the average salary a university student earns after completing their studies. If you study at university you would have to get a part-time job alongside your full-time learning to earn money. Again this time can eat into your study hours as university is expensive.
  3. There is a mix of classroom and hands-on learning. This allows you to learn a variety of skills that you may not get the opportunity to learn if you study at university.
  4. You can achieve qualifications that are relevant to your industry and job. Whereas, you will be required to do further studying and tests if you go to university.
  5. No tuition fees or students loans are required. If you complete your studies at university you are looking at £20,000 - £44,000 of student debt.

You do not get these benefits from just a degree apprenticeship. Apprenticeships range from level 2 (GCSE Level), all the way up to level 8 (doctorate level) and these benefits are at every stage.

Although university is an experience people will always talk about, an apprenticeships sets students up with a strong career path, good on-the-job understanding and the relevant qualifications.

If an apprenticeship is something you or someone you know are interested in check out the government website or speak to your local colleges and training providers. They can give you advice on where you can find apprenticeships that are right for you and is in line with your career goals. Best of luck.