Tech firm Radius said it could now support businesses with their EV transition and charging needs after it invested £10m into its electric vehicle division, Radius Charge.

The multi-million investment came after Radius acquired two EV solutions companies, EV Charging Solutions and EV Back Office and is nearing the completion of its new technology hub in Crewe.

It said the significant investment meant it could now offer customers an end-to-end EV solution, including assessing fleet readiness to transition; charger installation; energy management and providing the software to operate chargers.

Radius said it could get a business up and running EVs within 14 days.

“Our reason for being is to help customers navigate to a sustainable future and with this latest investment into EV charging and renewable energy, we are now able to help businesses make the transition to a greener fleet solution,” said Radius chief executive Bill Holmes (pictured).

“Our Radius Charge division will provide customers with trusted help and advice to enable them to save money, run more efficiently and meet their sustainability targets.”

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