Prometeon M and W Nov 20 2

Prometeon Tyre Group UK has been awarded a 12-month contract extension as Mitchell & Webber’s fleet tyre partner.

This latest contract extension between south-west-based fuel distributor Mitchell & Webber and Prometeon, covers the supply of tyres for all vehicles in the Mitchell & Webber fleet, which includes more than 50 trucks and trailers.

Pirelli Triathlon tyres are specified on the bulk of the fleet whilst Prometeon’s G:01 range are specified for the company’s mixed-use vehicles operating on roads, construction sites, and under aggressive tread-wear conditions.

Darren Heywood, Prometeon fleet business development manager, said: "Initially, when we began working with Mitchell & Webber, our Pirelli Triathlon range was put under test as a direct comparison against their incumbent tyre policy.

“We monitored tyre performance and also carried out a detailed weighing exercise to enable us to provide accurate tyre pressure recommendations based on specific vehicle loads to ensure the full benefits of running a premium tyre policy were being secured.

"After two-and-a-half years of working together, we were delighted that Mitchell & Webber confirmed that they were extremely satisfied with the total cost of ownership achieved, and that we had delivered substantial savings on their operational costs with no detrimental impact on performance.

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“This led to the signing of the contract extension, and an updated agreement to include our Pro Management system, which provides a holistic solution for fleet tyre management."

Prometeon’s Pro Management portal offers flexible invoicing, live access to information on the customer’s fleet, and live spend information by status or period, with fixed pricing on tyres and tyre-related services working to a mutually agreed service level agreement.

Leon Gilbert, Mitchell & Webber fleet compliance manager, said: "As our business has continued to grow, we recognised that we didn’t have a good picture of our tyre-related costs or a sufficiently robust system for managing our tyres across our depots and our vehicle fleet.

"Following the trial and specification of Triathlon and G:01 tyres from Prometeon, we’ve been extremely pleased with the cost savings achieved and the improvements in tyre management that have been put in place.

“Tyre renewals are now managed in a proactive way, which increases vehicle uptime and reduces costs. For unplanned repairs, we now need to contact just one phone number and Prometeon arranges the required repair action.

"The inclusion of the Pro Management system in the latest agreement signed with Prometeon will provide even greater visibility on our tyre-related costs, and our approach to better managing our tyres across our fleet, with one holistic system."