The first ever off-road test for HGV drivers conducted by a private firm is taking place on Monday (15 November) as part of the government’s plan to ease the driver shortage.

Following a change in the law, the Driver CPC part 3 test will be split into two parts, with the off-road exercises now carried out by an approved training provider.

The exercises include reverse manoeuvres, coupling and uncoupling and an ‘S’ shaped reverse into a bay.

The DVSA will continue to assess the on-road part of the exam.

Peter Smyth Transport Training in Sutton-in-Ashfield will be one of the first training providers in the country to offer the 3A module.

MD Giles Allen said: “It will give time to the DVSA to do the on the road part, so it creates more tests.

“It’s a very good way of tackling the problems. In effect, we are adding 25% to the DVSA’s capacity and we are gaining in terms of selling more courses a week.”

The DVSA said it will authorise training firms to carry out the part 3A test and a list of these organisations will be provided on the GOV.UK website.

It added that the person training an HGV driver candidate will not be allowed to carry out the part 3A module.