Farming and haulage company, Pearn Wyatt & Son, has taken delivery of two bulk tippers, continuing a close relationship with Fruehauf that spans more than five decades.

The Norwich firm has added the new sloper Smoothsider tippers from Fruehauf’s Ready to Go stock. The 70 cubic yard capacity trailers join the fleet just a few months after the company purchased a second-hand tipper from the manufacturer.

Of the 14 bulk tippers operated by the business, all paired with Volvo tractor units, 12 are sourced from Fruehauf – including one put into service in 2004 which continues to meet its agricultural haulage needs.

Owner Jonny Wyatt, who runs the company with his mother Anne, says the business has relied heavily on the tipping trailer manufacturer for so many years because its products are “exceptionally well-built, reliable and offer a high payload”.

Pearn Wyatt & Son

Source: Pearn Wyatt & Son

He added: “My father had Fruehauf tippers 50 years ago and we’ve always been happy with its trailers. They really stand the test of time. In our business, we work them hard, so the fact we have several trailers on the fleet that are more than 15 years old is testament to their quality.”

In the summer months, the Fruehauf tippers will mainly transport corn, wheat and barley, as well as some aggregates, across the UK, whilst in the winter the focus shifts to moving sugar beet.

The sloper Smoothsiders are specified with remote-controlled electric easy sheets and tailboards, both of which can be operated by the driver from inside the cab.

Commenting on Fruehauf’s service, Wyatt added: “The turnaround time was much better than expected, given the industry-wide supply shortage and long lead times. From order to delivery was just three months. We look forward to growing our relationship with Fruehauf for decades to come.”

Fruehauf’s sloper Smoothsider trailers are produced at its 73-acre site in Grantham, Lincolnshire, where the company offers specialist design, engineering, fabrication and livery application for a range of vehicles and components.