Tesla boss Elon Musk said it would not be introducing any new vehicle models this year due to an ongoing issue over parts.

In an earnings call, Musk said: “It would not make any sense.

“We will still be parts constrained.”

No mention was made about the status of the Tesla Semi, the electric heavy truck that has been in development for some years now, but its latest financial report did include a new image (above) of a small fleet of the vehicles at its Gigafactory in Nevada.

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The electric truck has been delayed several times after originally being slated for delivery in 2019.

Last year it confirmed production was being pushed back until 2022, but the latest announcement means it will be at least another 12 months before the model becomes available.

And referring to its bullet-proof utility vehicle, the Cybertruck, Musk said: “Batteries will probably not be the limiting factor in Cybertruck production.

“I worry more about how to make the Cybertruck affordable despite having awesome technology.”