Panther Warehousing launched three new services at the Metapack Delivery Conference earlier this week.

Although predominantly a two-man delivery firm, its new Solo service will see items too large for mechanical sortation delivered by a single courier to the customer's home.

The second and third new offerings, Deliver and Build and Installation services, see Panther employees assembling and installing the goods in the home after delivering them.

Last year Panther told it was planning to launch a Sunday delivery service, which the company said it will do later this year.

Panther MD Colin McCarthy said: “Metapack provided the perfect opportunity for us to launch our three new services, which we believe will not only revolutionise the industry by filling an ever widening void in the sector, but will also help our customers to compete in a very challenging sector.”

The company recently spent £3m on a fleet of new MANs due to growth in the business.