Palletways has launched a £200,000 hub in Bristol as part of its strategy to drive growth through regional expansion.

Dubbed the South West Hub, this is the network’s fifth regional site in the UK.

Located just off the M5 in Avonmouth, the hub will process around 500 pallets a day, adding to the 40,000 pallets Palletways shifts every 24 hours.

Dave Walmsley, Palletways UK MD (pictured below) said: “Palletways firmly believes that the regional hub model for palletised freight represents the future for our industry. There are such clear advantages for members, customers and consumers that the model driven by a centralised distribution will be left behind by those businesses using the regional hub approach.

Walmsley said the regional hub model allows Palletways to provide lower costs for customers. “We can cut trunk distances, fuel use and costs for members. We can deliver improved customer service because we can create the opportunity to collect from customers later in the day,” he said.

palletways people

General manager Paul Evans shakes hands with UK MD Dave Walmsley

He added: “The fact that we are attracting new members and winning ever growing numbers of customers highlights just how successful our hub strategy is proving to be.”

Mike Harrison, Palletways UK operations director, said the new hub allows the network to cover the whole of the UK more effectively.

“Previously, the West of England, Devon and Cornwall and South Wales would’ve been served by our central hub in Lichfield – meaning a consignment moving from Devon to Cardiff would have had to travel via the Midlands before making it to South Wales.

"Now, both members and customers in the South West and South Wales will also benefit from competitive rates and better service created by our regional hub model,” Harrison said.

Palletways estimates the South West Hub will also save around 163,000 HGV miles a year, equating to around 100,000 litres of fuel and 300 tonnes of carbon emissions.