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A ban on lorries weighing more than 7.5-tonnes from driving through an Oxfordshire town has been revoked following a raft of complaints that HGVs were being diverted to other villages.

An experimental traffic regulation order (ETRO) in parts of Burford had been in place for 18 months, but the county council stepped in and revoked the ban after the RHA and reportedly 50 local haulage firms complained.

Residents in communities near to Burford also lodged complaints about being badly affected by offset traffic.

The county council said it would now develop a countywide freight strategy, including area-wide weight restrictions and close working with neighbouring authorities, as part of its local transport and connectivity plan.

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In a statement, Oxfordshire county council said: “The ETRO was proposed to promote road safety, reduce damage to roads and buildings, cut congestion, and improve the environment of the area.

“However, it led to complaints that HGVs were being diverted to other towns and villages, causing similar problems elsewhere, which is why the council is now prioritising an area-wide freight strategy to bring in a countywide response to the issue.”

Burford Town Council said it would support a new traffic regulation order imposing a weight limit of 18 tonnes if it became necessary in its negotiations with the county council.