In case you missed it, the past few months have seen the former TNT Post completely overhaul its identity and rebrand itself as Whistl. (Why? Because happy people whistle).

The Hub got to wondering why it was that amidst all the changes, Whistl chose to keep the orange colour of its former life.

We put the question to them: why not shed the distinctive pallet [sorry] tying it to its TNT predecessor?

The link between the two, it turns out, is exactly why they chose to keep the colour, alongside the obvious benefits of having bright orange livery that catches every eye within a 50m radius.

The change to Whistl comes after the company separated from TNT Express back in 2011, with the latter keeping the rights to the TNT name. As part of the demerger, TNT Post needed to have changed to a new name by the end of 2014. Enter Whistl.

Keeping the orange, Whistl explained to The Hub, was a way of keeping part of the TNT Post brand alive, and holding on to some of the recognition that would have otherwise been lost in the change.

Following a pre-tax loss of £8.1m for Whistl in 2013, the spokesman for the company assured The Hub it’s back on track and the business is growing.

As far as we can see then, the future’s bright, and it’s still very much orange.

By Emma Shone