XPO has signed a new three year partnership with agrochemical giant UPL to provide a fourth-party logistics (4PL) solution.

UPL has a sales presence in more than 130 countries, as well as several production sites, with major hubs in France and Belgium.

The XPO 4PL solution, known as Key-PL, will manage tens of thousands of transport orders for UPL in the region. Its aim is to ensure that every transport plan is carried out in the most efficient way possible, bringing together more than 1,400 connected carriers and 180 loading points.

Central to the solution are three key components. These include the engineering and management of all customer flows, including physical, financial and information flows; transparent and neutral procurement management, independent from carrier selection; and a control tower, organised with dedicated experts, for 360 degree visibility.

Its end-to-end digital solution, which integrates everything under one proprietary Order Management System (OMS) allows UPL to maintain their current transport organisation and benefit from a fully outsourced service, with no requirement to set up an OMS or transport management system or hire additional staff to manage flows effectively.

It also offers an integrated pricing methodology and uniform visibility across all flows and can manage both land and sea flows seamlessly – which is critical to the UPL business model.

In addition, it includes pre-billing and freight audit services and the collection of CO² emissions measurements and an associated progress plan. 

Christophe Busca, UPL head of logistics in Europe, said: “We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with XPO. The transition from our former 4PL solution to XPO has been seamless and has really showcased their exceptional teamwork and professionalism.

”The implementation, in particular, was managed excellently with no disruption to our customer service. This change has been transformative for UPL, enabling us to provide a more proactive customer experience, while the improved cost management has made us more competitive in the market.”

Remy Guyot, XPO Logistics European business development director for Key-PL, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with UPL for their 4PL solution.

”As a global leader in sustainable agriculture solutions, UPL requires a managed transportation model that can meet their high demand. XPO’s strong sector expertise and mastery of the implementation process, alongside our in-house digital OMS, will help achieve that.

”By focusing on a continuous improvement model and a solution tailored specifically for UPL, we hope to meet and exceed their ambitions for the next three years.”