Meals provider aApetito is electrifying its Wiltshire Farm Foods fleet with over 200 brand-new refrigerated electric vans set to be rolled out this year, in a move which will see the company slash its emissions and transform customer deliveries nationwide.

The £14.3m investment is a key milestone in apetito’s wider mission to convert 75% of its entire Wiltshire Farm Foods delivery fleet to EVs before the end of 2025, a change set to save around 1,358 tonnes of CO2e per year.

The transition to electric refrigerated vehicles has also seen the company fit a high proportion of the EVs with solar panels, which generate their own green electricity whilst the vehicle is in motion.

The company said: ”This innovation sets a new standard in sustainable transportation and takes vital steps towards greener logistics, whilst having no impact on the overall operational effectiveness of delivery rounds.”

Lee Sheppard, apetito director of corporate affairs, policy and sustainability, added: “We are extremely proud to be making this significant investment in our journey towards net zero and substantially reducing our Scope 1 emissions through moving to an EV distribution fleet in Wiltshire Farm Foods. 

“Despite the challenges involved with moving refrigerated vehicles to electric, we were determined to lead the way with this initiative and drive a positive impact on our carbon emissions, whilst seeing no change in delivery experience for our customers.

“We believe that doing the right thing for the environment is our responsibility as a business and are proud to be investing in creating a greener future.”